Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Reunion Craft Swap

I am leaving soon to go to a family reunion in North Dakota. It is family on my dad's side. He had 24 brothers and sisters. (12 of which are half brothers and sisters). One of the fun things we will be doing is having a craft swap. Everyone that signed up is bringing 15 items they have made to swap with the others. I decided to make hand made cards. (imagine that!) I will package three cards in a cellophane to be given away. The grand total I made in the past two days was about 60 cards. I wanted to keep it simple since I had to make so many, but I am pleased with how they turned out. As I created my cat Annie slept in the chair next to me. She loves being where I am all throughout the day and I enjoy it too except when she decides to lay down in the middle of all my creating and it is usually on top of my scrapbook paper. She is quite' the cat' and my husband says 'spoiled rotten'. I say, 'I have no idea what he is talking about'.  :D

One of three cards for swap.

Card two for swap.

Card design for the third one was  borrowed from www.simplicitybylateblossom.blogspot.com
She has an awesome blog and she creates cards very simplistic using white cardstock and ink.

Sleepy Annie.

Annie 'zonked out'.


  1. Love your cards, as always, Deb. And I laughed when you talked about Mike saying Annie was spoiled. Those men of ours. They would miss our furry little companions if they weren't there. But they'll never let US know that, of course :-) Annie is one very lucky cat and SO beautiful!

    And I'm glad you think all that work is 'keeping it simple,' cuz it probably isn't simple for anyone else! (Well, at least me.) They look lovely!! Your family will love them.

  2. Oh my! Annie is beautiful. Makes me miss my cat, who passed years ago. He was the best cat ever, a rescue who lived with us for fifteen years.

    The piecing on your coffee card is great, and the OLC is soo pretty with the bit of embossing, and the pink flower on white embossing just pops!

  3. Your cards are so pretty. I would love to do cards like that.

  4. oh. and one more thing. When you visit my blogpost for Sunday, you'll see something there for you! :-)

  5. Wow! I can't believe how long this family reunion has been. I thought it was only for a few days. Well, miss ya see ya when you get back. teehee :)

  6. Tam, You are sooo funny!!! :D Hmmmmm...who has time for posting? After vacation is over the work begins...weed vegetable garden, mow lawn, get the clothes you wore washed, get groceries in the house again and the list goes on. Be patient as one of these days I will post again. :)