Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emmie's First Birthday

Cake made by Sara, Emmie's mama.

 Loving her yummy birthday cake.

It was so good she licked the plate clean.

Pretty in Pink.
Emmie and I  visiting together.

Sitting in the rocker grandma bought her.

Beautiful Family

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wish Upon a Helicopter

Today was a busy day. I had some errands to run and I was invited to Emmie's first birthday party. She was so cute in her little pink party dress. Her ma-ma Sara made her a Disney Princess cake with pink frosting. (of course) She got lots of nice gifts which included clothes, dolls and books. Her great-grandma was even in attendance which was awesome. It was the perfect day to take a fourth generation photo. I love spending time with Jill, Andy, Lyle, Sara, and sweet Emmie. Rick would have been proud of his grand-daughter and you sure can see the family resemblance. I think Emmie looks a lot like Aunt Millie. She is a very happy little girl, full of smiles and sweetness. :D

Tonight when I arrived home, I put all my groceries away and decided to relax on the couch.I looked out my picture window  and noticed that there was a full moon. It was so bright and beautiful. I picked up the telephone and called Emma. I said, 'Hi sweetie girl, guess what? There is a full moon tonight, look out your window.' She said, 'Grandma, I see it and also the moon's craters. I think the craters are the brown marks.' In the background I could hear Chloe say, ' Emma, I see a wishing star!'  After a few seconds I heard Emma say, 'Chloe, I'm sorry but that is a helicopter.' Oh my goodness Emma, I'm sure your little sister was very happy to be told she was wishing on a helicopter. My grand-daughters always give me material for a good laugh. I don't know what I ever did without them. :D

 Emma and Chloe taken the first night of Hanukkah 2009.

 Emma and Chloe enjoying a cold winter day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crafting Green

I am so excited to post about today's project as it involves recycled supplies. (Be still my heart.) My all-time favorite things to create are those I would have ordinarily thrown away after they served their useful purpose. Many things are thrown into the very full landfill that could have been recycled and used for another purpose. I got this idea out of my newest publication of Green Craft Magazine. I love this magazine and all of the wonderful ideas about recycling to make beautiful, new, awesome crafts. (You need to buy this magazine.) The project I made today is a 'file folder book' that holds 'note list' papers. The idea comes from Vanessa Spencer who is shop manager at Stampington & Company. I loved her idea and decided to change it up a bit and add a little more decoration to mine and do a little more rubber stamping. Everything  I used to create this accordion book was recycled except the sewing thread and the stamping ink. The kraft colored note pages are recycled Aldi's grocery store bags. I also used old sheet music and used manila file folders.
So...what are you going to recycle and use, instead of giving it to the landfill?  The old adage is 'one man's trash is another man's treasure.' Oh how I love recycled treasures. :D

The front of the accordion fold book.

The inner pocket pages with list note paper.

More inside pockets.

The opened book showing all pocket pages.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creative Heart

I love creating things, especially things made from beautiful paper. I think my husband wonders if my hobby is collecting scrapbook paper as I have plenty of it. The thing about having lots of paper is this...when I create I never know where my creative mind will take me for the afternoon and I need paper for every mood. (well, that is what I tell myself.) Sometimes, I am in the 'shabby chic'  mood and sometimes I like colorful 'whimsy.'  One thing is for sure, I have rarely met a paper I did not like. :D  My grand-daughters love it when they  come to visit and can create anything they want using paper and embellishments from my stash. I never mind sharing with them and I love watching what they create.The wonderful thing about a child is they don't sit and worry if their creation will be received with accolades...they just create and they are not afraid to do so. They seldom say to themselves 'well what if I make a mistake, or what if someone doesn't like what I created?' We should all take a lesson from them and just create from our heart and not worry about how it will be received by others. I remember when I used to teach scrapbook and card classes, I would have women come in and say  'I don't have a creative bone in my body.' I would say, 'well, why don't you try and see what happens.'  They would always leave pleasantly surprised when they found out they really did have some 'creative bones' but had never tried exercising them. Have you created anything lately? If not, give it a try and see what you can come up might be pleasantly surprised.

Front cover of a journal I made as a birthday gift for a friend.The 'B' is for the initial of her first name. The flower is a paper rose. The button card I found at an antique store and I loved the pink background with the pretty white buttons on it.  The base of this journal started as an inexpensive composition notebook. (I love those things.)

 This is the inside cover of the journal.

This is the back cover that I added paper and rubber stamped. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trying to Learn Whistling & Other Fun Things

We went to visit our kids and grand-kids over the weekend. It is always a celebration for me when I get to go and visit with everyone. Chloe had a friend's birthday party  to go to later in the day, so we met Tracey by the Archivers scrap store and picked Emma up early to go to Kate's. Chloe and ma-ma came later in the day after the birthday party.  Emma and I played the game Sorry and we had so much fun. She also brought the latest book she was reading and she read me a few pages and then explained what was going on in the story. At one point she started whistling and then grandpa started whistling and Aunt Renee started whistling. I thought, 'not fair' I don't know how to whistle. (I never did learn as a kid.) Emma said "Grandma can you whistle? No, Emma I don't know how.' She said,' I'll show you'.....and she puckered her lips and let out a big bird whistle and grandpa did the same. So here I am trying to do the same thing they did, over and over, but to no avail. At this point they were laughing so hard...especially Emma, that I started laughing. I said, Grandpa, where should I keep my tongue? (to try and whistle) and he said 'in your mouth.' Oh my goodness did they laugh then and Emma couldn't stop. She said 'grandma, I guess you better quit because it looks like you aren't going to get it.' Probably not, my sweetie girl, probably not.  :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ghost Cat

Annie, it has been said is a 'one woman' cat. Others lovingly call her the ghost cat. Ghost cat because the minute anyone knocks on our door, she is up the stairs in a flash. If you were to go upstairs to find her, it would probably take you awhile and she would be found hiding under whatever she deemed a 'safe haven'. Sometimes all you see is a big lump under my bed spread. (as if that would qualify as 'really hiding' when everyone knows that the big lump is her.) Also she can be jealous, as cats go. If my husband decides to give me a hug and Ann is down stairs you should hear her whine and cry. Oh my goodness, what is up with that? If I pick her up and she is in the hug she is happy as can be.  She has taken over my scrapbook basket, as you can see from the photo. It used to hold my scrap paper but she would crawl in it and lay on top of everything. I decided to empty it out and put an old towel inside for her to lay on. Now when I am busy working on a project or I am on the computer (that is in my craft room) she crawls in and goes to sleep. It does seem that where ever I go there she is except when she is sleeping and even then she occasionally comes down to check on me. Well, the question would have to be  have I unleashed a monster or do I just own a spoiled cat with beautiful green eyes? I choose to believe the latter.  :D
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I decided today to take the challenge posted by Stephanie from Homegrown Hospitality blog. Her challenge was to pick a photo of ourselves and remember the details about that day...when, what, who we were with and then pick a quote to go with it. (click on Homegrown Hospitality at the right of my blog to read the challenge.) Then you decide what to create with your photo and quote. I will be creating a little scrap page to go in my journal. Take the challenge and see what you can come up with.

 "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Altered Tea Tin

I had a special order from the gal that runs our post office in town so I am posting the finished pics here. She had an old tea tin and asked if I could 'make it over' for her. She wanted to fill it with nuts and give it as a birthday present. The theme she wanted to go with was 'outdoors woodsy'. I told her I would give it a try. This is the finished result and when she seen it, she loved it. (phew, thankfully) I soaked off the old tag and made a new one out of scrapbook paper. I rubber stamped some off-white card stock with a pine bough design. I decided to do a little layering, so I rubber stamped some pine cones and cut them out with a little pair of scissors to get all the detail. When I first put them on the label I thought they needed more but could not pin point what it was. I put the tin on my shelf and went up to bed. When I woke up this morning, I knew just what it needed to look better...3 dimensional pine cones. You probably can't tell by the photo but I made 2 more pine cones, cut them out, and put them right on top of the first two, securing them with foam tape.The foam tape raises them up off the label so it looks 3D. I also used a sparkly glitter pen on the pine cone detail. I love to use this pen because it gives just a hint of glittery spark. Doing just those two things finished it off and I loved the look. What do have around your house that could potentially be someone's birthday gift? It is so much fun to alter objects that you would normally throw away.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten Minute Card

This is a simple card I made using one of the new Martha Stewart punches called floral vine. Her punches make cards look so elegant and pretty but are very easy to do. The floral paper I used on the card was a scrap from another project, as well as the scallop circle greeting. This is a birthday card but could be used as a wedding card.
My sister and I love using the Martha  punches and when she comes for a visit we share our punches with each other. Even mom gets in on the action. She has made a lot of pretty cards in the last few weeks. It is fun to get together and talk crafts. What was your creation today?                           

More Farm Pics

The bottom pic is the chickens who laid the beautiful eggs. The top is my grand-daughter Emma holding one of the new baby chicks who will one day  lay the beautiful eggs. Emma came and stayed with me one week this past summer. I took her to my friend's farm to visit because it is her favorite place to go when she comes to our house to stay. We love this farm with all of the wonderful critters. (especially the donkeys)  :D

Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Farm Fresh Eggs

Isn't this a beautiful bowl of eggs? You don't find eggs like this at a store. My friend owns a farm and every 2 weeks when she comes over for Bible study, she brings me 2 dozen, beautiful, farm fresh eggs. You have never really tasted an egg until you have had one fresh from the farm. They actually have a taste that is is rich and wonderful. I make a good buttermilk pancake recipe and one day last year I made the recipe using farm eggs. My husband said, 'Wow, these are the best pancakes I have ever had.' I informed him that they were the same recipe I had been making him for 25 years. :)  That says it all concerning the taste of fresh eggs. The yolks look different too. One day, I had a few store bought eggs left and also a carton of the fresh. I cracked one from the store and one from the farm. They were laid side by side and 'boy howdy' did the yolks look different.  The store bought were pale and sickly looking and it kinda spread out. While the farm egg was a beautiful dark gold color with the yolk sitting high on the whites. It was a no brainer for me to see which egg I wanted to eat.
While we are talking eggs, I thought I should share a few egg nutrition facts with you. According to an article in Sunset magazine, March 2009, several studies suggest that farm fresh eggs are 30% higher in omega-3s and vitamins A, and E. They are also lower in fat and cholesterol. The difference according to Jo Robinson, author of Pasture Perfect and founder of, is in the chickens' feed. "Fresh grass is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoids. Eggs from chickens raised on good pasture have an intense yellow-gold color, most pronounced in the spring and early summer, when the grass is at its peak."    Shells of the chicken eggs can be any color, as you can see by my photo, brown, tan, blue, or white. The shell color indicates the chicken breed. Don't be fooled in the store by the different names on the cartons like organic or cage free. Those labels do not necessarily mean that the chicken spent any time pecking outside.
Go and visit your local farm, buy some eggs and do your health a favor.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Card Fun

I made this card this morning using a photo my sister sent to me. She used the cardboard letters and crocheted flowers laid out on paper and took a photo without gluing anything down. I loved the looks of it so I created a card to send to my daughter.  The photos I posted, are the front of the card and the inside. It has a different look than the ones you actually put the embellishments on. Notice I put little colored pearls right in the center of each crochet flower in the photo card. I like making these cards especially for use as note cards. Hope you all have a very blessed weekend. :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Recycled Tin

Today I was going to post my thoughts about the things that used to sit on my mother's dresser when I was a child but I don't have a lot of time for posting today. That will have to wait for another day. Instead I am posting a photo I took of a project I just finished for my sister. It is a painted, decorated, recycled bean can. I love to re-purpose things and make 'trash into treasure.' It seems to be a challenge I make to my self to come up with ideas to 'go green.' I save anything that even looks like it could have another purpose in life. It is rewarding when they turn out beautiful enough to be given as a gift. This tin could be used as a pencil or marker holder. I put crinkled paper in this one and filled it with candy hearts. It could even hold small guest soaps. I smoothed out all the sharp edges, painted it and stained it. Then the fun began laying on the paper and getting to use my favorite glitter glue. (love that stuff) I attached a silver wire handle on which I put small blue beads with a silver butterfly  as decoration.

Look around your house and see what you can recycle. It doesn't take that much time and very little money to cheer up someone's day with a little handmade gift. Try it...they will like it. :)
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inspiration by the Holy Spirit

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this poem for my son James in June 2008 for his birthday. On October 25th, the same year, he received his healing from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and got his life back after 17 years of illness. As each day passes he gets stronger and one day soon he will return to work. We praise God every day for His undying love and His tender mercies. King David says it all in Psalm 103:1-5.
Walk in the Destiny

Walk in the destiny that is your's alone.
Walk the path God has shown.
The path of Love freely given.
The path on which you are really living.
Healing comes to you this day.
Holy Spirit is here to stay.
Fear flees and is no more.
The Lion of Judah knocks at the door.
Love says walk right in,
Abide with us to the end.
Mercy says, I'm new each morn.
Walk with me, the veil is torn.
Victory is your's every day.
Read My word and you will say,
"Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise God for these seeds I sow."
On the Day of Judgment it will be said,
As the Book of Life is finally read.
"Well done My son, this place is your's.
Go and live on peaceful shores."

Golfing at Mom's

 James hitting some golf balls a few months after God healed him of CVS.
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Donkey Love

My love affair with donkeys began when I was about 5 years old. One morning when I and my siblings woke up, my dad told us that he had a BIG surprise for us. We asked him what it was but he would not tell.  He said we were going to get in his pick-up and go get 'the surprise.' We asked lots of questions, like what color was it and would it fit into the house? We ate breakfast then started on our trip. When we arrived at our destination, I could NOT believe my eyes. There in a field was about a dozen donkeys. Yes....donkeys, of all sizes and colors. Dad said 'well, pick which one you want.' We get to pick our very own donkey?? Have I died and gone to heaven? There weren't many exciting things that went on around our house so this...this was unbelievable to me. We picked out a gray donkey of  medium size. I especially loved the looks of this donkey's ears. (I still love donkey ears.) Her ears were so soft to the touch and I knew right away that she liked me. :) The choice was made, so away we went with our donkey in tow. My dad explained to us that he and mom had put their name in a drawing and they won...the prize being the donkey. When we got home we unloaded this 'precious pet' and decided on a name. I don't remember who came up with the name but I do remember that we were all in agreement....Burrito. We named our donkey Burrito.
There are many funny stories about Burrito, one being that she liked to follow us kids to school. (we walked to a one room school house and no it was NOT in the 1800s) :) My mom got several calls from the neighbors saying, 'please come get your donkey as she just ate my blouse off the clothes line.' Mom was not happy about that, so we had to start putting her in a pen. :(  I remember once, I was riding her in the enclosed area and my brother hit her on her back legs with a stick and she ran and bucked me off into a fresh donkey pie. I was sooo made at him and probably didn't talk to him for the rest of the day. We kept that donkey until we had to move to Florida. (about 2 years) We had an auction and sold her to a farmer. I remember that I was so sad and didn't want her to leave us. She was the best pet I ever had and to this day I love all donkeys.
This photo is my grand-daughter Emma, at my friend's farm, petting Abigail, the donkey. They both are very sweet. :)
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visit with Mom

Today Mike and I went to town as I had a couple of appointments to go to. Between the 2 appointments, we had had some extra time so we went over and visited mom. Lynny came over for a few minutes and I gave her a card I had made. I also delivered her soap order that came from my very good friend who crafts beautiful, handmade soaps. She will be opening her own Etsy shop in March to sell her wares. (I will share her Etsy address here once she opens, so look for it.) We had a nice visit with mom while we drank coffee and ate some Trader Joe's chocolate mint cookies. Yum! (compliments of Lynny) Mom was telling us about the little Brownie troop that she helps with. Tonight is the meeting and they were going to make Valentine cards. I think she really likes volunteering her time and it sounded like the girls were always excited to come to the meetings and see what the craft would be. I remember when I was in Girl Scouts and I too loved going and having that time to make fun things with other girls. :)
Hope you all had a blessed day.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Thinking of Spring.

Taken this past summer in back of the house, along the pond. I love this area of the yard and I have been dreaming lately of sitting on this bench with Mike enjoying a cup of coffee. Spring is one of favorite times of year. As I sit on this bench I think of all the possibilities of summer. :)

Where Did the Day Go?

It is already 2:30 p.m. and I would like to know where my day went? It seems that there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish what I would like to get done. Mornings are spent with Mike, getting him breakfast and a coffee break snack. I have  dishes to do, lunch to make, towels to fold (well Mike generally does that for me) :) Today I decided to make some brownies for my neighbor friend whose birthday is today. I got a little gift ready for her and a card. I baked brownies with chocolate frosting and pecans on top. I felt she needed an encouragement on her birthday today. She had a stroke in her middle 30s (a couple of years ago) and it left her paralyzed on one side. So every birthday is a special one as she is still here with us. All the things I did accomplish today were things that are important to take care  just seems like I always have a list a mile long of things that should get done too. Well, tomorrow is another day, so I will get up and hopefully cross more things off that list. Hope you had a productive day. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My silly sister sends me these messages. She lays out cardboard letters on her bedspread or scrapbook paper and sends them to me. This one was sent after I made her favorite egg salad when I knew she was coming for a visit. She claims 'it is the best egg salad she ever had', but it is hard to know if that is really true as she says that about every thing I make for her. :)
What I don't think she realizes is how much I like these little messages. It gives me a  lift for the day when I see them in my e-mail. Speaking words of encouragement to others does not take up much of your time. (unless you are laying letters out on your bed.) Everyone likes to be appreciated. Kind words can be your gift to them. What words of encouragement will you speak to someone today?  :)
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cleaning Day

Today is generally the day I clean the house before the Sabbath. The problem is, today I got side tracked with a craft project. This seems to happen so easily. :) I did a few pages in a mini scrapbook I am creating and then decided I better quit and get busy with the 'real' work. The bathroom got cleaned and I vacuumed the floors. Dishes were washed and then I put a pot of chili on the stove to cook. I found a website today that had 44 different chili recipes for the Super Bowl.I made one of them and it was very tasty. At least I will have something already made for Mike's lunch for work tomorrow. All in all, it was a good day...except I wished I could have crafted more. :)  Hope you all have a quiet, relaxing weekend. :)

One of the pages I created for my mini scrapbook.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun Afternoon

Today, my mom and sister came over. We had such a nice afternoon. I made some lunch and coffee for them. We all had some little gifts to give each other that we had made. (My favorite part and thanks Lynny). We talked card making, scrap-booking and played around with some Martha Stewart punches. We love Martha's paper art products and especially the punches because they make every we use them on look especially beautiful. I like the elegance of her products. :) It is always fun to have mom come over and we share our stuff with her. She doesn't know it but there isn't anything I have here that I wouldn't give to her if she wanted it. My  sister said, "Don't tell her that or she might want it all."  :)  Mom's love, in crafts, is beautiful, glitzy, romantic inspired paper. She has been crafting beautiful cards every afternoon so today we had a 'show and tell'. (like the kind we used to have in kindergarten) It is fun to be able to show others our inspired creations and maybe get a few oohs and aahs from everyone. Being creative makes my heart smile. :)  What about you?
Cards  punched using Martha Stewart's heart border.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quiet Day in the Neighborhood

Mike was off today so it was a pretty quiet day. We had coffee together several times and did some visiting. Later in the day, while he was watching Fox News, I did a little crafting.I made a few Post-It Note covers. They aren't anything spectacular but I was pleased in how they turned out. I used some Martha Stewart flowers that I had bought and some scrap paper. It is a good way to use up your scraps and  end up with something that looks pretty. All in all it was a quiet day in the neighborhood. What did you do today? :)

Post-It Note Covers