Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Town, USA Part 2

I am going to share more today about my town and it's history. I went to the public library  and asked if they had any history about my town. I was given a book to read that is the complete history of the county in which I live. My town was included with a lot more history than I had known about before. I am going to quote often from this publication.

A dam was built early in my towns history and a mill next to the dam. Taken from the 'History of Barron County' it states 'In the spring of 1879, Mr. Anderson (one of the founders of the village of Dallas and the builder of the dam and mill) interviewed Mr. Foster, in regard to moving the store and post office up near the mill. the suggestion was heartily received and Mr. Foster and his family, the store building, and the post office were in a short time transplanted to a beautiful spot directly across the square from the mill. All this was on the west side of the creek, which by damming had become a pretty lake. Business on the east side of the pond was started by Knute Espeseth, who started a general store.'

Mr. Anderson's mill was at first a grist mill, but later rollers were installed. In 1915 power was generated from the mill for the village electric light service. In 1880, Mr. Anderson started a sawmill, and later added planing and shingle departments.

With the dam built, the mills established, the post office located and the Foster and Espeseth stores running, the village began to grow. Blacksmith shops were established at various times by various residents. Pelton Brothers opened a hardware store, Torger Olson a harness and repair shop, Ole Christianson a shoe shop, William S. Foster, the Foster house, Martin Grannis a cabinet shop, and two more general stores were opened.

In the early days of the village, the Patrons of Husbandry was a strong organization, and a Grange was established. (like the Grange Charles Ingall in House on the Prairie belonged to.) Dallas had grown into quite the town. My grandma Lillian used to tell me that when she was a young girl if you wanted to go where things were really happening, you would visit "my town.' On Friday evenings she said there would be free movie showings.People that attended would bring their own chairs and a big white sheet would be put on the side of a building. After dark the the movie would be shown and grandma said practically the whole town would show up. I always loved to hear her stories about her wonderful life as a young girl growing up in the country.

Well, there is more history to tell about my town so I guess at a later date we will have 'My Town Part 3'.
As I have been telling this story it makes me love my community even more.

Our village dam.

 The pond in front of the dam where lots of wildlife come to feed and drink.

Donated bench at the park where my husband and I love to sit and watch the wildlife and birds.


The beautiful view from the park bench.


  1. So nice. I really should learn more about my town. It would be nice to know how it was established.

  2. So glad to see you're back, Friend! :-) Love the photos, of course. And as far as your town, I had so much fun there when I was a teen.

  3. I love local history! There are so many inspirational stories lurking in the journals and diaries of those who brought towns and villages to life. Thanks for sharing about your town. If only more people were interested in yesterday's stories:)
    Dorothy XX