Monday, April 26, 2010

Procrastination and Creating

I have been multi-tasking the last few days between making cards for my table at Wisconsin Locally Handmade gift boutique and doing some embroidery for a birthday gift for my son Scott. I really should have started this post  by saying...I am Deborah and I am a procrastinator. I always do this...wait until the last few days before a task should be completed then go like crazy trying to get done. I would prefer to create with less stress.  My son has had a birthday on the same day every year for quite some time, so why do I wait until 5 days before I need to have a handmade present finished? The answer would be that I have no clue. So here I am working hour after hour until bed time. Well, maybe someday I will change my ways and when I do it will make my life easier and less stressful.

Embroidered dish towel for Scott. His favorite herb to cook with is basil.

Card made for my friend after her mother passed away.

Inside of sympathy card.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry month and I decided to take the challenge from and do something that pertains to poetry including 'posting a poem on your blog'.  I am posting a poem I wrote one day, years ago after I was inspired by a question that my Uncle Ron asked me. He said Deb, "What do you think the completed picture will look like when all is said and done"? I told him I didn't really know. His answer was "It will be the face of Jesus".

Portrait of Love

When the end has come and the painting is done
     What is the picture we'll see?
The face of Jesus, the love of God,
     Eternal life for you and for me.
He paid the price so that we could live,
     A life that is free from sin.
We opened our hearts, we believed His word
     We invited Him in.
We are possessors of all that He is---
     Put on His armor and know---
That He is our Father, Our Lord, Our King
     And is with us wherever we go.
Let's be obedient to the King of Kings,
     Let's hold His banner high.
Let's love the Lord with all of our heart
     And know that heaven is nigh.
"Go therefore into the world"
     And share what Jesus has done.
He reconciled us who once were  lost---
     We have our place with God's Son.

Drawing my 8 year old grand-daughter Emma created for me and I framed it for my craft room.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Card

I made this birthday card yesterday using my new Martha Stewart 'around the page' punch. She has several
designs that are a two-step process. It comes with a corner punch and an edge punch. There is a little learning curve to get it right. At first I wrecked a few pieces of paper and then decided I needed a video tutorial. I found a good one online to watch and then it made sense. You have to start with paper just the right size to have it punch evenly all the way around. The sizes are 3 1/4", 5", 6 3/4", 8 1/2", 10 1/4" and 12" square. You can use other measurements larger but must increase always by 1 3/4 inches for it to work evenly all around the page. I love using Martha punches as they make the cards look so classy. Tomorrow I have to work on a few more cards so will post them another time. Have a blessed evening.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Glorious Signs of Spring

Canadian Goose swimming behind the house.

Hen and chicks growing in Army boots.

Beautiful Primrose blooming.

New tree foliage starting to open.

My wonderful rhubarb growing which is my husbands favorite dessert, made into anything.

Swallow peeking out of birdhouse in the back yard.

My medium pink peony bush slowly pushing its way up through the soil.

Potential 'fairy house' for my grand-daughters. You have to have make-believe vision for these kinds of things. (insert smile)

These photos were taken today as I strolled the acre looking for more substantial signs of spring then I have been seeing lately and I think I found them. If nothing else it made me feel better knowing that peony's don't generally show their pretty heads unless they know something is about to happen. It was a beautiful sunny day and the birds were singing in chorus. Mike was off today so the day was even more special. Scott and Tracey arrived home today after spending a week in Disney World, Orlando with the girls. They called me every day they were gone except one and I am anxious to see all the photographs taken as they were enjoying their family vacation. I talked to my youngest son today also about another milestone in his life since being healed. All in all it was a very blessed day and I am so thankful for each and every one God gives us.
What did you do today and what was your joy?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Well I finally finished all the painting in my bedroom. It took three days and one sore back and neck but I am  done. I really like the colors teal and tan together. (it is tan but looks more yellowy because of the lighting in the room.) This morning I went to town and bought a curtain rod  and a new set of sheets. I challenged myself before this redo started to use as much of what I already owned and not buy new. I had all the accessories and just pulled them from other spots in the house or from storage. The drapes were in another bedroom but matched the wall paint so well, I decided to use them here. (I bought them a couple of years ago at my sister's garage sale) That saved a ton of money and made me happy. The beautiful wicker chair and the afghan laying across the top were from my grandma Lillian. She crocheted many, many afghans in her 92 years. I went through my stash and found this one that goes so well with all the other things I used. I also decorated with family photos because I  love to look at  them any time of the day. The lamp shade is new and was on sale for $8.00 on clearance...what a deal. I love my room and will be spending lots of time here especially in the late afternoon when the beautiful sunlight is streaming in the window. I  can hear the Canadian geese and  the song birds when the window is open.  Doesn't that chair look inviting? Hmmm...where is my book and cup of tea?

By the way, I posted the photo of Annie just because she looked so pretty laying in the sunlight. And she loves the new bedroom  and has already  made herself at home in that nice wicker chair. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Caleb and Candy Sticks

Decorated cellophane candy sticks I created.

Sweet Caleb with the handsome smile.

My sister came to visit this morning and brought her grandson Caleb. He is my nephew Matt's son. I enjoyed having them here, but at first Caleb was very shy. He wasn't into chit-chat and he stayed close to grandma. He brought a couple of planes with him to play with and visited (a little) eventually telling me about his 'planes that fly in the sky'. Towards the end of the visit he started to warm up to me and let me read him a couple of stories from the Treasury of Beatrix Potter. My very good friend bought me the entire treasury in one volume many years ago to read to  grandchildren I would have someday.  I enjoy that book and my favorite story from it is Peter Rabbit. My grand daughter Emma used to love hearing that story over and over again. Caleb seemed to enjoy it also.

The photo of the candy sticks are some I created today to send to my two grand daughters Emma and Chloe. I also made one for Caleb as I am going to visit him tomorrow. We are taking him to see a  fire truck display at the local 'spring show'. I am sure he will love it. His favorite interest at the moment is Thomas the Tank.

Kids are so awesome and are interested in everything. It does not take much to please them as they all just want love and attention. Spending time with them  brings out the kid in you and they love you just the way you are. Joyful, spontaneous, and without suspicion  generally describe their personalities. They are a work in progress. God tells us to 'come to him as  little children'. Watch a child in action and you will soon understand why. I believe all children are a treasure from God. I know Caleb is.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Chloe

I love all things that my grand-daughters create. The photos above are creations that Chloe made in Montessori school. She learned to use a needle and thread on these wall hangings and I think she did a great job. She goes 3 days a week in the afternoon and has many opportunities to learn new skills.  Chloe's personality is she likes to do things for herself. She has been picking out her own clothes for a long time and she does a good job of matching different pieces of clothing. (she likes to layer.) And no outfit would be complete without a few jewels, pretty hair clips and sometimes even fairy wings or feather boas. She takes her time in picking out an outfit, and sometimes she is still at it when it is time to go out the door. :)  I love her independence and her ability to be very creative in 'make-believe play'. My favorite part of visiting with her is at bedtime when I can lay next to her and listen to all her wonderful chatter about the day and what she is thinking and she even sings to me in the sweetest voice. She has a sense of humor (like many youngest siblings) and she keeps me laughing. I am blessed to be able to share in my two grand-daughter's life's. Being a grandma is at the top of my 'blessing list' that I give thanks for. What is your favorite times with your grand-children?

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Card

Front of custom ordered wedding card I made.
 Close-up of 3D floral embellishment.
Inside of wedding card with 1 Corinthians 13:13 verse.

I worked all afternoon on a special order wedding card for my son's best friend that is getting married soon. You can't see it in the photo but the paper has a beautiful soft creme color shine to it that is part of a 3-layered design. It is the perfect wedding paper. It always takes me so much extra time for these cards because they are given on the bride and groom's 'special day' and I want them to be part of the overall gift. I enjoy creating wedding cards because you can use all the glitzy embellishments that make them special.

Today was cold again. I am so ready for the weather to warm up and stay that way. I heard that maybe the beginning of the week we could have temperatures almost 80 degrees...we'll see if that happens. I do have lots of plants coming up sooner than they normally do because of the earlier warm weather. I would love to grill out and invite our friends over. (you know who you are.) I guess that won't be until we can unload the shed that is full of outdoor furniture, wheel barrows, lawn mowers, etc. I will try and be patient until summer actually arrives. Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and evening.  

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Summer Memories

I love this photo of the girls and  grandpa. They always enjoy spending time with him.

There was a young Mourning Dove sitting on the ground. He was paying no attention to us but just resting in the sun. We had to get a closer look and the girls loved it!

Notice the Mourning Dove sitting on the fence rail. 

I know...I am still reminiscing over my photos...but these photos make me sooo want summer to start. I love summer and having my family come home to enjoy it with us. Emma and Chloe always find lots of adventure around the acre. They have space to run and play, complete with many critters to look at. Last year we had a family of chipmunks for the first time.  They would run under the bird feeder and eat the dropped sunflower seeds. After a few weeks they got 'fat and sassy'. I remember one day I was out back and I had a decorative birdhouse sitting on a bench. I noticed the neighbor dog in the yard carrying it in his mouth. When I went to get it back, all I could hear is very loud crying chatter as he shook it. I had no idea what the racket was but I made the retriever drop it on the ground. I picked it up and placed it back on the bench and  a little head popped out the hole...a chipmunk.  Of course he became my summer friend. (well until one of my neighbors informed Mike that chipmunks are about as bad as red squirrels for chewing up your stuff and he made me quit feeding them with special goodies.)  Sigh. 
Mike and I enjoy living here. We say we have our own little park to walk around in. There was a time when I was a young mother that I wanted to live any where else but here. I would pray that God give me another place to live. I am so glad that He didn't answer my prayer in that way but gave me contentment right where I was and now I wouldn't trade this place for any other home. It is the perfect place for us. So...bring on summer as I can't wait to dig in the dirt, watch the birds, and see what new critters have wandered in for a  visit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today I was cleaning closets and spring cleaning. I love to get things in tip top shape again after the long winter. The problem that I oftentimes have though, is I come across a box of old pictures or kids artwork and I start reminiscing. Before you know it, I am sitting on my bed with a box of photos turned upside down laying all around me. I love photos of my family. Many years ago my mother went through her photos and gave me a lot of them. She said I was the 'keeper' of the photos until such time I would send them to my siblings. One day I decided to go through all of them and do just that. It took me more like a week to sort through them all and put together a box for each one. I think they appreciated getting their photos from childhood.

The photos I posted today were taken last summer when Scott, Tracey and the girls came for a visit. It is taken out back by the pond. The girls found two sticks and decided to pretend that they were fishing. It brought back memories of Scott, my oldest son, fishing in the very same spot with a  real pole. He was always so excited and had such anticipation the week before the  fishing season opened in May. We had to be sure he had his pole ready, and we dug for worms. He could spend hours wetting a line in the water. He always loved the outdoors and spending 'alone time' there. When he got older he bought a fly pole and went fly fishing for trout. He even learned how to tie his own flies to use on the line. His 6th grade teacher, Mr. Mikunda taught him and his friend Stewart to fly fish and he even took them on a fishing trip one summer for 2 days to the Namekogen River.  Those two boys loved to fish together. I cherish all the memories of them growing up and spending time by the water. And sometimes if I get quiet enough...I believe I can still hear the line as it hits the water.