Friday, May 7, 2010

Adventures in Life

Well, this morning I had to make a trip to the next town to get my neck put back into alignment and visit my friendly chiropractor. I am been going to this office now for 40 years. (I first went when I was 18 years old...why does that sound so long ago?) My 'now' chiropractor was not there back then but his father-in-law was. He was a wonderful guy that was like a father figure (as my own father lived in another state). You could talk to him about any thing and he loved the Lord and did not mind discussing scripture. After he left the practice, I would occasionally see him in town he would always greet me and give me a hug. Sadly a few years back he passed away from pancreatic cancer. I still miss his kindness  after all this time. His son-in-law (the 'now' chiropractor) is very comical and can always tell a good story about his children, grand-children, or talk about his farm with horses and other livestock. He has trained his 4 year old grand-son to help him feed the horses in the morning (when he comes for a visit) and the little guy is the first up in the morning to say 'Let's go and grandpa, I wish I lived on top of that hill over there then I could come every morning to help you.' (little guy lives in another state). Doc said, "He got my heart with that one". Oh how we all love our grand-children...they are a promise of good things to come. They hold the keys to our heart and spending time with them is always like going on a wonderful vacation. You never know what fun awaits you and what fantasy location they will take you to next. You could be going on a snakes adventure (like I have many times) or end up in Cinderella's garden (I have picked flowers there). I remember one time meeting my grand-daughters at Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater. My grand-daughter Emma, got out of the car and was so glad to see me. She said, "Grandma, we have to pay attention to everything around us because  you never know when you might find an adventure."  Sweetie Girl you are so right and it is too bad that we quit paying attention as we walk though life. We get all caught up in the world with all of its problems and stress. God has given us so many blessings to be thankful for and we can live an exciting life in Him with the Holy Spirit as our guide. He is always there for us...loving us and leading us on the path to real life. Time spent walking in His foot steps is never boring and every day is brand new. I repeat Emma's attention to everything around you because you never know when you might find an adventure.

Emma and I taken two years ago at Teddy Bear Park.


  1. AMEN to all the blessings our Lord has given to each of us!!

    Emma sure is right when she said that we should pay attention to everything that is around you, because you never know when you might find an adventure! She sure is a real cutie!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  2. Thank you Lynn, and I send a Mother's Day greeting to you also. :D

  3. this is a wonderful post of reminiscence. I love Emma's comment. She always comes up with amazing things!