Friday, May 21, 2010

Wonderful Visit

We arrived home a day later then expected as I locked our ignition keys in the trunk of the car right before we were to come home. The minute I slammed down the trunk I knew what I had done. It was a Sunday so no one could come out to try to open the car. We had to wait until Monday morning. Aside from that we had a wonderful visit. I don't have any photos to post yet (except for the ones I took of James at his house). The wedding and graduation photos aren't ready to go yet but when I receive them I will post them.
I have been working on things for the store Wisconsin Local Handmade. The opening date is May 28th. We hope to share space with at least 50 vendors this season. (last year we had 35.) I look forward to visiting with the people I met last season. There is a lot of variety in what the vendors offer. There will also be a Farmer's Market on Friday nights. I love fresh produce so I look forward to buying and using it in my daily menus.
Have any of you planted your gardens yet? We haven't but hope to this week.  We should be safe to plant now without having any more frost days...well I hope so anyway.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Pincushions ready to go to the store.

James practicing his swing.

More practice.

Perfect' follow through' swing.

Showing us what he has learned on his guitar.
(Everything this kid accomplishes makes me want to stand up and cheer!)

James playing a song for us and then singing too. 
(he has a good voice)
Posing with his new Peavey amplifier and electric guitar that was given to him as a gift.
(both the guitar and amp used to belong to my cousin Rick who was a steel guitarist.)


  1. I love the pics of James. Praise God for all He has done in this young man's life!!!

    And you are SEW right about the packaging for your pin cushions! How cute!! :-))

  2. I love the little pin cushions (*and* the packaging) they really are "sew" cute!

    Deborah, thank you so, so much for your words of encouragement this morning. This whole process is so stressful and I have come back and read your comment a couple of times in between packing to get my focus back on the Lord and His strength and goodness and mercy.

    ♥ Melissa~
    Pink Paper Peppermints

  3. I love the fourth picture of James! He is a very handsome man I must say also. Cute, cute cushions..

  4. Melissa, God's words are always a comfort to us aren't they. I am so grateful for His words of life in the Bible. They belong to all that say yes to Him as we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments about the pincushions and about James. He is a blessing and we are so pleased with his progress after his God-given healing. :D