Monday, May 3, 2010

Grandparents Day

We went to visit our son and his family last week because our grand-daughter Emma had grandparents day at her school. We were able  to go early and have lunch with her  and then at 2:00 in the afternoon the 20th Annual Grandparents Program started. There was lots of singing and my favorite songs were Day-O (with instruments) and Danny Boy. The kids did an awesome job and they were all so excited to perform for each of their grandparents. Prizes were given out throughout the program for criteria like who has been married the longest, came the farthest, has the most grand-children, and who is the oldest male and female? The longest married was 63 years (wow!), came the farthest was Arizona and Canada, had the most grandchildren attending the school was 23 (yes you read that right) and the oldest was 83 and 86. Hearing that made Mike and I feel like youngsters. After the program we went to visit in Emma's room and we looked at her portfolio that included all of the special things she has done throughout the year. She also gave us a very lovely decorated  letter that she had written in appreciation to her grandpa and I (it brought tears to his eyes.) She told me later that her teacher had warned the kids that some grandparents might cry after they read their letters. It was very touching and both of our letters will be framed and hung in our bedroom. Last but not least we went to the lunch room for coffee and cookies.We sat and visited with Emma and so enjoyed her chatter. What a blessing grand-children are as they love you so freely. At the end of the day we signed Emma out and walked her home. Along the way we chatted and stopped to smell the beautiful blooming lilacs. It was a perfect day!

On Saturday morning we took Emma and Chloe to a play called 'Nick Tickle Fairy Tale Detective'. It was so funny and the actors did a great job. We all enjoyed it while laughing and eating popcorn and candy.
Our visit was wonderful as the weather was nice and we had so much fun with the girls. We look forward to our next visit with lots of hugs and kisses.

Taken in Emma's classroom.

Emma at her desk waiting to give us our grand-parent letters of appreciation.
Emma and grandpa enjoying cookies together.

Emma and I enjoying each others company.

Emma's 'fine art' (the two above her head.) The one on the left is mine. Woo Hoo!!
 My appreciation letter.

Stopping to smell the lilacs.

Homeward bound after a wonderful afternoon.


  1. What a wonderful time! Things kids write come from their hearts at that age and that makes it so very special. I love them all but my favorite picture is Mike walking with Emma. Love it!

  2. I can cry just reading the last line of Emma's letter! I feel loved when I am around you. It does sound like a wonderful day in every way. I'm so glad you posted so many photos. I love them! Grandma and Grandpa, as well as Emma, look so happy.