Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy birthday Mom!

Today's post will be a' 77th Happy Birthday' tribute to my mother. Her birthday is Sunday but we celebrated yesterday at my sisters house. We had a wonderful time. The day started out with me taking mom and Kaitlyn (the little girl she babysits) out for breakfast at the new restaurant in town. It was a good breakfast and the interior of the restaurant is beautiful. The place  was 'perking' with activity every where and it was packed. (normally when you see  many cars in the parking lot of a new eatery, a month after they are opened it means really good food.)
We ordered and then drank coffee and visited. I showed mom all the photos I took at our family reunion in North Dakota. She had not seen this side of the family since she married dad many years ago. It was fun to listen to stories that she knew about them at that time in their life. I enjoyed it  a lot. After breakfast we drove to my sister's house for cake, more coffee and the opening of the gifts. (the best part) I think mom enjoyed herself  very much and as her daughter I pray she has many, many, more birthdays to come. I love you mom and you still look young to me.

 Mom and Kaitlyn

 Birthday Girl with her crown.

We love to open birthday presents!!

 My mom, my two sisters and myself. (I like this photo a lot).

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  1. Deb, I LOVE the photos of your mom and sisters (and you!) The one of your mom wearing the crown and opening presents just makes me smile! How fun! What a wonderful day for your mom!

    And I do hope she has many, many more happy birthdays! :-)