Friday, July 16, 2010

Hour of Glorious Peace

For the last couple of days after I get my mail, I have been stopping by the BP gas station for a cup of coffee and a cookie that I take with me as I walk up to our local park. I love it there, sitting by the water. I was the only one in the park except for the care taker that was mowing the lawn. I made my way to the the bench in the shade that I love to sit on and gaze across the pond. Today's mission was to pray for my children and grandchildren after I drank my coffee and ate my snicker-doodle cookie. (it was a tasty one too!) I no sooner sat down when four huge great blue herons flew across the pond right in front of where I was sitting. It was so awesome! In a very excited voice, I said 'Lord, look!! Do you see this awesome sight?? Oh my goodness Lord look at them!!!' Of course I knew He seen them before I called to Him but I was soooo excited. They are beautiful and have a very big wing span. One landed in an old wooden stump of a tree across the pond that is about 20 feet tall. The other three perched high in the pines next to the stump. The three did not stay there for long, before one by one they flew to the stump, with the other one. They each took a branch and rested the entire time I was there which was a little over an hour.  I spent the quiet solitude praying and worshiping the Lord in grateful thanks for all of His blessings. Later in the hour an eagle flew over to the left of the water. It too is so majestic and it is my favorite bird. As I was finishing up my worship, I looked across the pond close to the slough and I seen what appeared to be three deer swimming in the water as they crossed the pond. (yes, I did say swimming) I could hardly believe my eyes and I said 'Lord they look like deer or else they are awful big brown fish!' It was amazing to me as I did not know that deer swim. I was so glad that I took that one hour out of a very busy day to spend time with the Lord. Had I not decided to go, I would have missed out on the blessings of the day and the most important would have been the blessing of praying for my children.

Four great blue herons flying in to the pond. 
If you look in the middle of the sky you can see 4 dark specks. 
(You may be able to see them better if you double click on the photo)

  Another photo of them flying in.

And another. (isn't the pond beautiful?)

 The view in front of my bench.


  1. Oh Deb, the Lord has blessed you with such abundant wildlife where you live!! Isn't it a joy to watch the birds and animals that God created and know that they are going to do exactly as God wants them to do.

    I love watching an eagle when it's caught a thermal and just seems to enjoy flying around and around, just being a bird. Kevin looks at them with envy, I think. He always says, 'Doesn't that look like fun!' :-)

    What an amazing Creator we have!

  2. What a sweet morning. I did not know that deer could swim either. Would love to have your muffin recipe.

  3. That is a very beautiful pond I must say