Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kittens and Pheasants and Kids. Oh My!!

Well today my daughter-in-law sent me photos of the animals at her house today. One of them is a new sweet kitty that my son Scott brought home from work. A guy he works with found a cat in a dumpster and brought it home. He put it in the garage with a litter box, food and water. A month later he ended up with babies. He talked Scott into bringing one home for the girls to have as a pet and to be a friend to their cat Sam. I don't think anyone asked Sam though and so far he isn't happy. Hopefully he will get over it. The girls were so surprised, especially Emma. She had no idea that when she came from shopping with ma-ma that she would find a new pet. Everyone is weighing in on a name. I wanted to name it Me-Me but no self respecting male cat would want that name. Emma wants to name him Hunter, Toes, or Tiger. Chloe wants Fluffy or Cutie. Their ma-ma weighed in with Bruiser, Max or Dex. (she said she has a thing about x's)  It sounds like the jury is still out as to what we will call him.

The next animal I received photos of today was 'Blue'. He is a beautiful pheasant that lives in the next door neighbors back yard. The neighbors Roger and Wendy feed him cracked corn. Today they let Emma, Chloe and other neighborhood kids feed him in the Dowd's back yard. It is quite the sight to look in the yard and see a tame pheasant surrounded by neighborhood kids with handfuls of bird feed. There is always a lot of activity going on at my grand-daughter's home...never a dull moment.

Emma's happy face when she found out she had a new kitten.

Sweet kitten awaiting a name.

Chloe making friends with the new baby.

Look at the beautiful feathers, hence the name 'Blue".

 He walks around like he owns the place.


  1. What beautiful photos! I especially love that one of Chloe and the new kitty! :-) I can't believe that Scott intentionally brought home a new pet. Somehow that really surprised me. Who knows what lurks in the heart of man. ;-)

    What a beautiful pheasant. What an amazing Creator!

    Glad you're back on Blogger. :-)

  2. I vote for Max or Toes. I can't believe that Scott brought that kitten home also. You know the "problems" with Sam they have had or was that a dog or a different cat they once had? Man, I can't remember, why do I even try. haha None the less very cute kitten and tell Emma that Manna got to name her cat 13 yrs ago and she named it of all things, "Kitty" I am so happy you are back on blogging too. Every morning I go to read Judy's I look at yours. I love them both! Thank you ladies for sharing a small part of your life. I love reading them.