Monday, April 26, 2010

Procrastination and Creating

I have been multi-tasking the last few days between making cards for my table at Wisconsin Locally Handmade gift boutique and doing some embroidery for a birthday gift for my son Scott. I really should have started this post  by saying...I am Deborah and I am a procrastinator. I always do this...wait until the last few days before a task should be completed then go like crazy trying to get done. I would prefer to create with less stress.  My son has had a birthday on the same day every year for quite some time, so why do I wait until 5 days before I need to have a handmade present finished? The answer would be that I have no clue. So here I am working hour after hour until bed time. Well, maybe someday I will change my ways and when I do it will make my life easier and less stressful.

Embroidered dish towel for Scott. His favorite herb to cook with is basil.

Card made for my friend after her mother passed away.

Inside of sympathy card.


  1. Love the lettering on the towel. Very nice.We must be sisters but the only difference is that I do my best under stress and deadlines. :) Love the colors in the card.

  2. Thanks. I do my best creating under pressure too but it does cause me stress. I like things a little less hectic. :)

  3. That is a beautiful sympathy card, Deb. I hope you will make another like it.

    The chicken with it's head cut off certainly is not a good expression to use with very visual people like me. ;-) I actually witnessed such in real life when I was little. Enough said about that.

    Speaking of procrastinating, I have two jumpers to sew, a huge batch of cookies for Gus and Angela which I am planning to bake and send TODAY, and my poor, suffering little blueberry plants which are sick and tired of waiting for me. They decided to start leafing out before they're even planted.

    So little time, so much to do. Hope your day grows less hectic and that you can get outdoors in this lovely weather!

  4. Okay, edited post with no reference to chickens for those you are visual. We will tone it down a bit and not bring poor defenseless animals into the picture. :) Hope you at least get those blueberries planted. (sorry Gus, she can bake cookies for you any time.)