Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bible Study Treats

Last night I decided not to wait until today to make treats for my Bible study. So I found my recipe and decided to make Brownie 7-Layer Bars. I had all the ingredients for them. I knew they would be very rich and very sweet, but good. I whipped them up and put them into the oven until they were done. They had a brownie layer, unsweetened coconut layer (because I personally don't like sweetened coconut), chocolate chip layer, mixed nut layer, and sweetened condensed milk layer.  I know that I only listed 6 layers but I was out of butterscotch chips, so I added extra chocolate chips. The recipe said to let the bars cool thoroughly before cutting. I can do that. :)  So I put them in the refrigerator until cool, then I cut them. Cutting them after they were cool wasn't an easy task but so far so good. I put them back in the refrigerator. Let's fast forward to today...I took them out of the fridge so that I could place them on my very pretty party plate. Oh my goodness...they were stuck tight to the pan. I tried running a knife around the edges, I tried prying them up with a metal spatula (that eventually bent) and I even came up with a few other tools, short of a screw driver to try to get them out. So much for letting them cool in the pan. :(  I was so frustrated and mind you I needed to get finished before my study started. Yep, good way to start a Bible study, grumpy and frustrated. I said, "Well Lord, now what do I do?" I don't usually talk to God about my cooking abilities or ask His instruction regarding my cooking but today I DID. I heard that "still small voice" say, "put them in the oven." Why would I want to put them in the oven? Again, I heard "put them in the oven." Okay, in the oven they go. I set my oven for 250 degrees and then put them in for 3 minutes. Then out of the pan they came!! Yes!!! The 7 layer brownies are out of the pan! I know by now you are probably rolling your eyes at me...but don't do it. Tee Hee. I figured that the Lord could help me feed 5, especially since He fed 5 thousand with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. It's not as if I was asking Him to multiply the brownies, just help me, please, get them out of the pan. :) Anyway I decided to use the chiseled crumbs (from the first 4 bars I tried to get out of the pan) to put on ice cream. Yum. :)  All was well and everyone loved the bars. :)

Tomorrow I am going to post a pic of the wonderful swap gift that was sent to me from my friend Ellen in Canada. Hope you all have a great evening. :)

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  1. Love the story of your baking wrapping into the story of the Lord. Very nice pictures!