Sunday, January 31, 2010

Humorous Stories

I was reading the 'little book of conversations' that I have written over the last eight years for the girls. It is a book of comical and sometimes serious conversations I have had with them or other family members have had with them. It is priceless moments that I want to remember when I am 85 or so.  Today I will write about two of them that still make me laugh. One day Emma had earned  a dollar from her daddy to buy an 'Ice Age' toy at Burger King. When they arrived to buy it, the one Emma wanted wasn't available and those that were, she already had. She was very disappointed to come home empty handed. As she and daddy were on their way home a song came on the radio by Rosie Greer. He sang 'Don't worry, be happy, everything is gonna be alright.'  After a few minutes Emma said to daddy "That song is not making me feel any better.'  (sorry Rosie)  :)
Another time, I had made Emma a 'toad house' out of a flower pot for her garden and gave it to her as a gift. She called me a few days later and said, 'Grandma, a toad moved into my frog house. Maybe when you come again we could build a deck on it to make the  house more interesting for him.'  (and we did)  :)

If you want to have a joyful day, spend it with a child and listen to them as they talk to you about ordinary, every day life. Take the opportunity to see life through their eyes. It is good for the heart. :)


  1. Oh Deb, your little Emma has had some humdingers over the years. I remember the pregnant fish episode. That child has given you so many funny stories! I've loved them all and passed them on to my grown kids who enjoy hearing them too. :-)

  2. Grandchildern are wonderful! We had Caleb this weekend (well Matt and Grandpa had Caleb this weekend)They just make me sit back and smile as I watch the things that he does and say. I love that Baby Boy.