Monday, January 25, 2010

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days where I didn't feel very productive. It is Mike's last day off so it was hard for me to get too involved in a project. I worked on Emma's bookmarks and I decorated a glass bottle. The bottle took
 longer than I thought it would. At first I was going to layer 4 pieces of paper around it.They were so pretty too, but I just could not get them glued around the jar straight no matter how hard I tried. (and I tried more than once.) So I finally put 2 layers and it was a little better but I still wasn't that pleased. I finished that project and then decided to watch a movie with Mike in the middle of the afternoon. I never watch movies in the middle of the afternoon, but we had to get it back to the rental place. Actually it was last night's movie that we didn't get to watch because the Viking/Saints game was being played and it went into overtime. I got tired and went to bed and Mike stayed up to watch all the sports talk afterwards. Tomorrow I need to get some things done including finishing up my Bible study for Wednesday when the girls come over. Have a good night.


  1. I am so glad at night to come home and read your blog. I check it every night. In our busy lives it is nice to read what you have been up to when I can't call myself to check in. Love you!

  2. Hi Deborah -- Yes, I am quite familiar with those types of days where I feel like I got absolutely nothing accomplished or nothing actually worked and in all honesty, I can't stand it!

    But "everything in God's timing", right? I am sure you will get back to those crafts with a new burst of inspiration and it will be fabulous! Be sure to post it so we can all see!