Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good Sabbath day. Mike is home and we just hung out together. Tonight we are having movie night. (as soon as I am done posting) I made some bookmarks today for Emma to take to school to give her classmates. They turned out cute. I have some work left to do on them and then I start Chloe's. I love to do things for them. They are such treasures to Mike and I and having them for our grand-daughters make our lives extra special. :) I thank God for them every day. We all have so many blessings in life. We do not have to look very far to see them either. I see the pictures of the people of Haiti (especially the children) and I think, those parents love their children as much as I love mine. They have gone through so much and have so little. Tonight I get to crawl into my warm bed with comfy pillows next to the one I love. The horror and tragedy of Haiti is beyond words. God loves them and He cares about what happens to each and every one of them.We should care too. There are many ways to donate in order to help them and we can pray that the donations sent, will reach all in need. Hope you have a blessed evening.  By the way, did you notice my new and improved blog header? My friend Ellen designed it for me and I love it. She is so talented and very sweet in giving  me the gift of her precious time. :)


  1. I did notice it and it is wonderful! I really do like it. You do have a wonderful & talented friend..

  2. *blush* it was for a wonderful friend! :)