Friday, January 22, 2010


Finally I can sit down and write a post for today. My husband Mike is off from work so we went shopping for groceries and a few other things. We also stopped at the public library to get my stash of books for the next 3 weeks. We love that place. I usually check out a book there to see if I like it and then if I do and want it in my own home library, then I buy it. We didn't get home until late this afternoon and we had a great time. We always have fun when we shop together. First we went to a store that has a little cafe in it. They serve great coffee and the best bread pudding we have ever had. After we ate and visited, I went shopping  and he sat and read his book and drank coffee. It is a win-win situation because I don't feel rushed and he is taking time to relax, which he does not do often. I found the new Hero Arts coffee cup stamp that I wanted for card making. It is soooo cute. I can't wait to use it. I also found some really cute paper to make a new swap gift for my friend Ellen (from Canada). I haven't told her yet but we are going to do another swap. ( she asked if I wanted to do one for Feb.) The last one was so much fun and I enjoy having Ellen as a friend. (wished she lived closer) :) Any way maybe this weekend I will start that project. The weather for the weekend isn't supposed to be very good and so Mike and I will hibernate in, as he is off until Tuesday. (I'm doing my happy dance.) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay warm. :)

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  1. That's always so awesome when you find that win-win situation! And I love libraries!!! Funny, we both did a post regarding books today... :)

    Yes, we are on for that swap! So looking forward to it....and if we lived closer to each other, I don't know if I'd do anything else but crafting for I'd have someone who enjoyed it as much as I did! :)