Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Well I finally finished all the painting in my bedroom. It took three days and one sore back and neck but I am  done. I really like the colors teal and tan together. (it is tan but looks more yellowy because of the lighting in the room.) This morning I went to town and bought a curtain rod  and a new set of sheets. I challenged myself before this redo started to use as much of what I already owned and not buy new. I had all the accessories and just pulled them from other spots in the house or from storage. The drapes were in another bedroom but matched the wall paint so well, I decided to use them here. (I bought them a couple of years ago at my sister's garage sale) That saved a ton of money and made me happy. The beautiful wicker chair and the afghan laying across the top were from my grandma Lillian. She crocheted many, many afghans in her 92 years. I went through my stash and found this one that goes so well with all the other things I used. I also decorated with family photos because I  love to look at  them any time of the day. The lamp shade is new and was on sale for $8.00 on clearance...what a deal. I love my room and will be spending lots of time here especially in the late afternoon when the beautiful sunlight is streaming in the window. I  can hear the Canadian geese and  the song birds when the window is open.  Doesn't that chair look inviting? Hmmm...where is my book and cup of tea?

By the way, I posted the photo of Annie just because she looked so pretty laying in the sunlight. And she loves the new bedroom  and has already  made herself at home in that nice wicker chair. :)


  1. I know how much work you spent on this room and it looks like it was well worth every pain and ache. Can't wait to see it in person. Makes me want to work on mine now. And the cat is a very nice addition to any picture :) Nice colors and isn't is fun to see what you can use that you already had and then spend very wisely when you have to buy something. Honestly as silly as it may sound I love to bargain hunt anymore. It's a challenge and Lord knows I love them.

  2. Well, that does indeed look inviting! So fresh and summery. And your shelves look nice with just a few items. My shelves are jealous!

    And we all get to see the 'ghost cat' at last. :-)

    Nice job, Deb. Do you strip wallpaper? (just kidding)

  3. I love the wicker chair. My mother used to have a wicker rocker and I so wish now that I would have kept it. My great grandmother used to crochet afghans as well. Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and so light and airy. Love it!

  4. Thanks to all for your kind comments. Thank you Tammy for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. Hope you have some of your great grandma's afghans to decorate with. :)