Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today I was cleaning closets and spring cleaning. I love to get things in tip top shape again after the long winter. The problem that I oftentimes have though, is I come across a box of old pictures or kids artwork and I start reminiscing. Before you know it, I am sitting on my bed with a box of photos turned upside down laying all around me. I love photos of my family. Many years ago my mother went through her photos and gave me a lot of them. She said I was the 'keeper' of the photos until such time I would send them to my siblings. One day I decided to go through all of them and do just that. It took me more like a week to sort through them all and put together a box for each one. I think they appreciated getting their photos from childhood.

The photos I posted today were taken last summer when Scott, Tracey and the girls came for a visit. It is taken out back by the pond. The girls found two sticks and decided to pretend that they were fishing. It brought back memories of Scott, my oldest son, fishing in the very same spot with a  real pole. He was always so excited and had such anticipation the week before the  fishing season opened in May. We had to be sure he had his pole ready, and we dug for worms. He could spend hours wetting a line in the water. He always loved the outdoors and spending 'alone time' there. When he got older he bought a fly pole and went fly fishing for trout. He even learned how to tie his own flies to use on the line. His 6th grade teacher, Mr. Mikunda taught him and his friend Stewart to fly fish and he even took them on a fishing trip one summer for 2 days to the Namekogen River.  Those two boys loved to fish together. I cherish all the memories of them growing up and spending time by the water. And sometimes if I get quiet enough...I believe I can still hear the line as it hits the water.


  1. Very nice memories you have. And I know what you mean. You come across things like pictures, artwork etc like I did yesterday cleaning my closet and before you know it I am not cleaning closets anymore. I am on the floor looking though pictures and watching my very favorite videos that Manna makes me and I am done cleaning but that's ok because I can always go back tomorrow

  2. You are right, the cleaning is always there...but it is nice to sometimes take time to think about your wonderful memories. :)

  3. Deb, all of the photos are nice, but that first one is an absolute jewel! What a blessing for your family to have that pond to 'fish' in, to observe wildlife on and around, to watch God's beautiful sunset displays, to sit and meditate on God's grace to us.

    Is that photo framed and on your wall yet?

  4. Save that pond for when I come to visit. I'm going to try my hand at fishing in it. If no one is looking I might even go for a swim.