Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Summer Memories

I love this photo of the girls and  grandpa. They always enjoy spending time with him.

There was a young Mourning Dove sitting on the ground. He was paying no attention to us but just resting in the sun. We had to get a closer look and the girls loved it!

Notice the Mourning Dove sitting on the fence rail. 

I know...I am still reminiscing over my photos...but these photos make me sooo want summer to start. I love summer and having my family come home to enjoy it with us. Emma and Chloe always find lots of adventure around the acre. They have space to run and play, complete with many critters to look at. Last year we had a family of chipmunks for the first time.  They would run under the bird feeder and eat the dropped sunflower seeds. After a few weeks they got 'fat and sassy'. I remember one day I was out back and I had a decorative birdhouse sitting on a bench. I noticed the neighbor dog in the yard carrying it in his mouth. When I went to get it back, all I could hear is very loud crying chatter as he shook it. I had no idea what the racket was but I made the retriever drop it on the ground. I picked it up and placed it back on the bench and  a little head popped out the hole...a chipmunk.  Of course he became my summer friend. (well until one of my neighbors informed Mike that chipmunks are about as bad as red squirrels for chewing up your stuff and he made me quit feeding them with special goodies.)  Sigh. 
Mike and I enjoy living here. We say we have our own little park to walk around in. There was a time when I was a young mother that I wanted to live any where else but here. I would pray that God give me another place to live. I am so glad that He didn't answer my prayer in that way but gave me contentment right where I was and now I wouldn't trade this place for any other home. It is the perfect place for us. So...bring on summer as I can't wait to dig in the dirt, watch the birds, and see what new critters have wandered in for a  visit.


  1. Wonderful photos, Deb. Gpa and Gma look like they're enjoying it all just as much as the grandkids. Such lovely memories, and I hope all the mourning doves stay close to your house and mine where they'll be safe.

    Aren't we so thankful that God often doesn't give us just what we think we want! I think you and I have discussed that subject often! :-)

  2. When I read about the chipmunks the very first thing that came to my mind before I read any further was Mike and how I know he must of felt about the chipmunks. Made me laugh