Sunday, April 18, 2010

Glorious Signs of Spring

Canadian Goose swimming behind the house.

Hen and chicks growing in Army boots.

Beautiful Primrose blooming.

New tree foliage starting to open.

My wonderful rhubarb growing which is my husbands favorite dessert, made into anything.

Swallow peeking out of birdhouse in the back yard.

My medium pink peony bush slowly pushing its way up through the soil.

Potential 'fairy house' for my grand-daughters. You have to have make-believe vision for these kinds of things. (insert smile)

These photos were taken today as I strolled the acre looking for more substantial signs of spring then I have been seeing lately and I think I found them. If nothing else it made me feel better knowing that peony's don't generally show their pretty heads unless they know something is about to happen. It was a beautiful sunny day and the birds were singing in chorus. Mike was off today so the day was even more special. Scott and Tracey arrived home today after spending a week in Disney World, Orlando with the girls. They called me every day they were gone except one and I am anxious to see all the photographs taken as they were enjoying their family vacation. I talked to my youngest son today also about another milestone in his life since being healed. All in all it was a very blessed day and I am so thankful for each and every one God gives us.
What did you do today and what was your joy?

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  1. Great post, Deb! Love all the photos of spring. You'd think we have long winters up here with how excited we get over every bit of green growth that appears! :-) I am eager to hear about James and also the big Disney Adventure the granddaughters had!