Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry month and I decided to take the challenge from and do something that pertains to poetry including 'posting a poem on your blog'.  I am posting a poem I wrote one day, years ago after I was inspired by a question that my Uncle Ron asked me. He said Deb, "What do you think the completed picture will look like when all is said and done"? I told him I didn't really know. His answer was "It will be the face of Jesus".

Portrait of Love

When the end has come and the painting is done
     What is the picture we'll see?
The face of Jesus, the love of God,
     Eternal life for you and for me.
He paid the price so that we could live,
     A life that is free from sin.
We opened our hearts, we believed His word
     We invited Him in.
We are possessors of all that He is---
     Put on His armor and know---
That He is our Father, Our Lord, Our King
     And is with us wherever we go.
Let's be obedient to the King of Kings,
     Let's hold His banner high.
Let's love the Lord with all of our heart
     And know that heaven is nigh.
"Go therefore into the world"
     And share what Jesus has done.
He reconciled us who once were  lost---
     We have our place with God's Son.

Drawing my 8 year old grand-daughter Emma created for me and I framed it for my craft room.


  1. All I can say to this is even though I didn't know Uncle Ronnie very well, now that I am older and a child of God,I could of learned a great deal from him. A very true and beautiful poem Debbie. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thank you. :) Uncle Ron and Aunt Millie was the best relatives any nieces could have had. I miss all of them including Rick. They were always there for us especially in prayer.

  3. How God used Ron and Millie and Rick to make such an impact on your life, Deb! What an amazing God who changes our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh, who changes us from running away from Him - to being completely satisfied in Him.