Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Caleb and Candy Sticks

Decorated cellophane candy sticks I created.

Sweet Caleb with the handsome smile.

My sister came to visit this morning and brought her grandson Caleb. He is my nephew Matt's son. I enjoyed having them here, but at first Caleb was very shy. He wasn't into chit-chat and he stayed close to grandma. He brought a couple of planes with him to play with and visited (a little) eventually telling me about his 'planes that fly in the sky'. Towards the end of the visit he started to warm up to me and let me read him a couple of stories from the Treasury of Beatrix Potter. My very good friend bought me the entire treasury in one volume many years ago to read to  grandchildren I would have someday.  I enjoy that book and my favorite story from it is Peter Rabbit. My grand daughter Emma used to love hearing that story over and over again. Caleb seemed to enjoy it also.

The photo of the candy sticks are some I created today to send to my two grand daughters Emma and Chloe. I also made one for Caleb as I am going to visit him tomorrow. We are taking him to see a  fire truck display at the local 'spring show'. I am sure he will love it. His favorite interest at the moment is Thomas the Tank.

Kids are so awesome and are interested in everything. It does not take much to please them as they all just want love and attention. Spending time with them  brings out the kid in you and they love you just the way you are. Joyful, spontaneous, and without suspicion  generally describe their personalities. They are a work in progress. God tells us to 'come to him as  little children'. Watch a child in action and you will soon understand why. I believe all children are a treasure from God. I know Caleb is.


  1. Lovely thoughts, Deb. I think it was John Piper who said, 'God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.'

    How fun to read the Beatrix Potter stories to Caleb. I've never outgrown a love for those stories!

  2. Thanks Judy and I love the quote from John Piper. Did you remember that you were the friend that gave me Beatrix Potter Treasury? It was a long time ago and I remember I was so thrilled when I got it. :)

  3. By the way..he loves his shoes now. He had to wear them home and Grandpa had to hide them to get them back to the car to bring home. You are right. They are a gift from God and they grow way too fast.