Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creative Tuesday

I decided today to post a card that I made for a friend as a little 'Hi, so glad to see you' gift. It is a birthday card so she can give it away to someone. She did inform me though that she doesn't give the handmade cards  away easily but she hoards them...well maybe that isn't the right word...saves them might be better. So this is for my friend, 'Give them away and I will make you more.' Thank you for my friend for liking all my creations and for encouraging me all of the time. (also thanks for the beautiful handmade soap)  Having good friends means a lot. Have you spoken a word of  encouragement to your friend lately? Today might be a good day to do it. :D

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad that I'm the friend who was the happy recipient of that lovely card!! :-) Now that I know you'll make more, I just might be able to part with the cards. However, I think I'll take a photo of it first so that when I regret giving it away, you can make me another like it.

    Your work is so beautiful, Deb. Truly, I've not seen any other that is as lovely. I know you don't put a card down until it has all the right touches added. It takes time and thought and commitment to a good finished product. That's what sets your work apart.