Friday, March 26, 2010

Company Girl Coffee Time

Hello to the Company Girls and all my blogger friends.  Thanks for joining me today. I am always glad for the end of the week as the Sabbath day is approaching and I get to rest and fellowship with the Lord. Life is always so hectic with many things to accomplish or so it seems. A day of rest for the mind and body is much needed and always appreciated. I do thank the Lord for each and every day but the Sabbath day is a special time set apart from all the others for fellowship and thanksgiving to Him. He loves our adoration for who He is...the awesome, loving, just, kind, merciful, forgiving Creator of all the Universe. (I could have gone on and on with words that describe His nature.) Suffice to say we could thank Him every day of our life for being our All and All and it wouldn't be enough. I am so glad we will have eternity to do so.

Today I ran some errands to the Country Pantry. It is a very nice bulk food store owned and operated by a Mennonite family. They have so many wonderful fresh spices, baking items, meats, cheese, nuts and many items to numerous to mention. I like their steel cut oatmeal. The wonderful thing is I can buy a big bag that is equivalent to a box from the store. The difference in price is, at the Pantry it cost $1.05 for the entire bag and at the grocery store it cost $4.50. That is a huge savings. Their spices are cheap also and a lot fresher than what is in the little bottles at the grocer. If you have a bulk store in your area, it is worth checking out to see what they carry and how much you can save. These days, we are all for saving our dollars where we can.

Yesterday I received my swap gift from my friend Ellen in Canada. She is a dear, sweet person with a wonderful husband, and a very cute baby boy named Eleil. We have done several swaps together and it is always so much fun. She has so much creativity and owns her own wedding planning business called 'About A Bride'. She wears so many hats I don't know how she gets it all done but she manages and does it well. I have posted the photos of the swap gift here. Thank you Ellen. I love every thing you made me and the extra gifts. The way you wrapped one of my gifts in fabric was so nice. I like the fabric design and will be using it for a project. I  especially loved the photo of Eliel. We will have to swap again some time. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are able to take time to count all of your blessings. See you next time for coffee. :D


  1. That tablet is very cute. She does a good job

  2. I wish we had a bulk store like ours! I would love a nice big bag of steel cut oatmeal, and maybe of some flour and a few other goodies :) Your swap sounds fun too!

  3. Nice pictures, Deb!

    And yes, our Creator Redeemer is an amazing God.

    Thanks for the way-too-fun and inspiring visit today! Like I said, I'm never going to throw out another thing in my life! (just kidding, Kevin.)

  4. Hi Deborah -- I am so glad that you received and liked the swap!! I definitely had a fun time with it. heheeh, isn't Eliel's picture hilarious?!! I have to scan it and put it on Facebook... :) Did the clip and the heart for the frame come off? Arg. Anyhow, the clip is there so that you don't have to take apart the frame to change the picture..just reclip it! Hope it fits into your decor and yes, a swap with you is always welcome!