Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Trip To The Thrift Shop

Yesterday Mike and I decided to check out the local thrift shop. The cup and saucer are one of my finds. The set is Straffodshire from England and it cost me a whole sixty five cents. Actually they had 3 sets of the same and I bought them all. I have been looking for cups to make pin cushions out of them and I love 'the hunt.' I found lots of other wonderful deals like antique lace, other cups and saucers, a beautiful light green pottery bowl that I am going to fill with shells. I also found a pair of pearl clip on ear-rings that I am going to use on a manila tag that I will soon create. I will wrap the tag with some of the antique lace and will also use some scrapbook paper that looks like old fabric. It is exciting for me to shop at the thrift store because you never know what you may find. I got a whole bag of stuff for under $10.00 and that included a John Sandford book for my husband. It was originally a $26.00 hard cover book for $2.65. He was very happy with this find. The next time you are thinking about an adventure, do visit your local thrift store. You are bound to come home with at least one treasure.
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  1. I do go to my local thrift store and I find it very relaxing to be honest with you. You never do know what you will find :)

  2. Nice photo, Deb! I was just at a local thrift store last evening and found a beautiful cup, but no matching saucer. It's still there...

    Aren't thrift stores FUN!! I came home with two new dogs, and I don't even have to feed, water, or walk them! :-)