Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thoughts of Spring

View of the beautiful pond, seen from the back yard. 
Summer 2009

Cheery wildflowers.

 My one dollar flower bed of wildflowers. The seeds were on sale and gave me so much joy for so cheap.

I seen this mushroom in the side yard and loved how it looked.

Spring, spring, spring...oh how I love that word this time of year. The weather has started to get warm and I am so ready to go out and clean up the yard and look for little sprouts coming out of the ground. I used to have tulips that would push themselves up even through the snow. I remember how excited I would be to see their cheery faces. (reminder to me to plant some this year for that very reason) I am counting the days for the snow to melt and the robins to show up. The pond in the back is already opening up so that is a good sign of the warmth to come. Mike and I love to work outside together getting the yard in tip top shape. I started a woodland garden last spring out back by the pond and I am going to add some more perennials to it this year. Probably some ferns and hostas and some shade loving flowers. The one thing that excites me the most is to see what birds migrate this year and visit us on the pond. We are relatively close to the Mississippi flyway and it is so interesting to see what birds choose the pond as part of their path to get to their destination (which is usually Duluth, Minnesota.) Last year we watched three Common Terns do acrobats in the air to finally dive down to eat fish. I researched where they come from and found out that according to the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation that they inhabit sand and shell beaches, grassy uplands, and rocky inland shores in North and South America, Eurasia and northern Africa. Their species breeds in North America along the Atlantic Coast from the northern Maritime Provinces of Canada to South Carolina and occasionally in the Gulf of Mexico. Wintering grounds are from its southernmost breeding areas on the Atlantic Coast to northern Ecuador and Brazil. Mike and I will soon start looking out over the pond for any birds that are visiting our area. What are you looking forward to this spring?   


  1. Oh my. I LOVE this post. What cheering photos of your pond and yard. There's an abundance of beauty all around us, if we just stop long enough to look, isn't there!

    This is the first year I've really understood why my mother loved spring best of all the seasons. And when you mentioned walking around the yard seeing what's sprouting up, it reminds me of all the times my mom and I would do just that as we visited each other's gardens in the springtime. I'm sure anyone else would have to take a hand lens to see the things that were so obvious and encouraging to us. :-) Thanks for the great post!! And what I'm looking forward to this spring is just exactly that...watching for sprouts.

  2. I loved seeing the pictures of your yard! So bright and cheery and I had to laugh when you said you and Mike love working out in the yard and I all of a sudden remembered when you were getting ready for the family reunion and all the long days he put in getting it ready for you. What a guy!