Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sew Cute Pincushions

I was going to post today about the new birds that flew in today to rest for a couple days on the pond, but I got busy with a sewing project and ran out of time. Tomorrow I will share that story. Today I will give you a hint about the birds...they nest on the tundra of northern Canada and Alaska and their size is 50-54" long. Does that pique your interest? Good...more tomorrow.  Today I am posting photos of the new pincushions I finished today for sale at Wisconsin Locally Handmade. I had posted one photo a few days ago of my practice piece but I added a lot more to the new ones. They are made using some recycled supplies which I love to do. I also worked on some handmade cards, but that will be for another day too. Hope your day was a sunny one and that you accomplished everything you set out to do.


  1. O O pick me, pick me. I know! (not fair I know you already told me) :) Cute cute cushions

  2. I love Tami's comment. :-) The added embellishments look really nice, Deb. When I get back, I'll give you an Irish Breakfast teabag to go with the others. :-)
    Nice job! and I can't wait to hear about the migrating birds!