Friday, March 19, 2010

Wonderful Day Shopping

Hello to all the Company Girls and also my other blogger friends. Hope you all had a wonderful week. Today I went shopping to a town 50 miles away from where I live. The town I live in is only about 350 people. (or so the sign says coming into town, but that was a count from the census about 20 years ago) Because of living in a small, but wonderful little town, we have to go further away to do any serious shopping. My husband was off today so he drove me and we spent the whole day together and had a wonderful time. He is the best person to take shopping as he is never impatient and he likes to bring his reading glasses and a book. If I want to go into a craft store he sends me in to shop while he sits in the car or on a bench and he reads. We found a wonderful thrift store to go to today. It was called the Hope Gospel Mission (I love the name). It was a very big store with lots of stuff in it. I think they had a little of everything and it was so much fun to browse. I found a wonderful spring wreath and a very nice frame for $1.98. They had lots of beautiful glass knick knacks, dishes, vintage fabric, jewelry and many, many books. After we were done shopping we went to Starbucks for coffee and we visited. We talked about our grandchildren Emma and Chloe and how much we miss them. We will see them the end of April as Emma has 'grandparents day' in her 2nd grade class at school. Time spent with them is always a celebration for us. They are treasures given to us by God. We are so grateful for the life we have...our family and good friends and having peace in our heart that only comes from knowing God. I wish you all a blessed weekend.

The wreath I bought at the thrift store for a couple of dollars. When I am done straightening all the flowers and vines, it will be beautiful. I will be using it on the wall over my table at the 'artisan gift store' where I sell my handmade cards.


  1. Oh, how I wish I had a man like yours then. It surely sounds wonderful.
    How fun that your grand daughter is celebrating grandparents at school. Grandparents are such a blessing.
    My mom is visiting with us right now and my girls adore her. It will be so sad when she returns to Norway.
    Enjoy your coffee, I sure am.

  2. Your shopping day sounds fun. Mike's a gem! Glad you were able to find some fun things at Hope Gospel Mission. Your wreath is pretty and will be a nice addition at Viking!

  3. I'm not the best shopper...mainly because I hate shopping, so hubby even does the grocery shopping. =p I need to get into the thrift store shopping because I love a good bargain even though I don't ever shop. I'm sure the grandkids are looking forward to visiting with you. I always loved seeing my grandparents and have great memories with them.