Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Siblings and I

I really love this photo. It was taken in the early 60's and it was on the first day of school. I remember the day it was taken and even though it is black and white I remember the color of my jumper. It was a bright yellow with an appliqued octopus on it. (can you even imagine?) Why I would want to wear anything with an octopus on it I do not know. I remember my hair turned out like I wanted it to after I lost sleep the night before laying on BIG pink smooth rollers. My hair had a natural curl to it and I wanted it to be smooth and more straight. I think my siblings look so cute in their clothes. As the oldest sister I had the responsibility of taking care of them a lot as our mother worked out of the home. I guess that job prepared me to one day take care of my own kids. I did like to cook for them but at the time my abilities were lacking sorely in that department. The poor kids were my 'cooking guinea pigs'. I would try out new recipes on them and my father. I remember once being so proud of a dish called 'Peanut Butter Pork Chops'. (doesn't that sound awful?) Well, it didn't go over very well but my father was gracious enough not to tell me so at the time. It is a good thing for my husband that my cooking got much better, even though in the beginning he suffered through a few awful meals. It is amazing how one little photo can bring back so many wonderful memories (like how much you really love your siblings). I am so glad to have old family photos to look at and smile. What do you remember from your childhood photos?


  1. Hi Deb,
    I love that photo! The octopus applique must have been just after the era of poodles on felt skirts? I've never before seen a pic of you as a kid. How fun this is!

  2. I always wanted to know why your mouth is opened so wide? Maybe you were not ready for the photo. :)

  3. Actually I was laughing with my mouth open. I really didn't like photos of my self back then so it was probably a shy nervous laugh.