Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have decided to try and make some cards that have a cleaner design and ended up with these examples. I love the looks of the embossing and the simplicity of the cards. I am so used to making cards that are layered and have more embellishments on them. It was nice to just make them more simple. They sold already so I will definitely make  more.
God has been talking to me lately about simplicity in many areas of my life. It is so nice to be  rid of the clutter of material things and in so doing have a clearer mind and spirit.The Good News of God's Word is always simple and He never complicates it. We are the ones who seem intent many times in complicating the message. We just need to take Him at His Word and believe it is true even when we don't see any evidence of the answers we so desire. He has His perfect will for our life and He always answers our prayer but it is done in His timing and not our own. Thank you Lord for our life and the blessings that come  because of Your love for us.


  1. I just love that sympathy card and am just dying to use it! (;-) Actually, I too love the clean lines of both of those cards. I think there are times for the more embellished cards and times for the simpler cards. Both are needed. And, as always, your work is superb!

    Yes, I think we often try to make God's simple message of salvation, of trust in Jesus, way too complicated. And in our American culture, we want to be the ones who are in charge - of everything.

  2. Thank you for this blog entry. It has really given me something to ponder today. Beautiful card!