Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Farm Fresh Eggs

Isn't this a beautiful bowl of eggs? You don't find eggs like this at a store. My friend owns a farm and every 2 weeks when she comes over for Bible study, she brings me 2 dozen, beautiful, farm fresh eggs. You have never really tasted an egg until you have had one fresh from the farm. They actually have a taste that is is rich and wonderful. I make a good buttermilk pancake recipe and one day last year I made the recipe using farm eggs. My husband said, 'Wow, these are the best pancakes I have ever had.' I informed him that they were the same recipe I had been making him for 25 years. :)  That says it all concerning the taste of fresh eggs. The yolks look different too. One day, I had a few store bought eggs left and also a carton of the fresh. I cracked one from the store and one from the farm. They were laid side by side and 'boy howdy' did the yolks look different.  The store bought were pale and sickly looking and it kinda spread out. While the farm egg was a beautiful dark gold color with the yolk sitting high on the whites. It was a no brainer for me to see which egg I wanted to eat.
While we are talking eggs, I thought I should share a few egg nutrition facts with you. According to an article in Sunset magazine, March 2009, several studies suggest that farm fresh eggs are 30% higher in omega-3s and vitamins A, and E. They are also lower in fat and cholesterol. The difference according to Jo Robinson, author of Pasture Perfect and founder of, is in the chickens' feed. "Fresh grass is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoids. Eggs from chickens raised on good pasture have an intense yellow-gold color, most pronounced in the spring and early summer, when the grass is at its peak."    Shells of the chicken eggs can be any color, as you can see by my photo, brown, tan, blue, or white. The shell color indicates the chicken breed. Don't be fooled in the store by the different names on the cartons like organic or cage free. Those labels do not necessarily mean that the chicken spent any time pecking outside.
Go and visit your local farm, buy some eggs and do your health a favor.


  1. Well I don't think I will ever think of eggs the same way again. Thanks Ant Debbie

  2. Beautiful photo! And you sure sold me on the benefits of farm-fresh eggs. I think I've got a few dozen store-bought that need to find a new home. Thanks for the informative post!