Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trying to Learn Whistling & Other Fun Things

We went to visit our kids and grand-kids over the weekend. It is always a celebration for me when I get to go and visit with everyone. Chloe had a friend's birthday party  to go to later in the day, so we met Tracey by the Archivers scrap store and picked Emma up early to go to Kate's. Chloe and ma-ma came later in the day after the birthday party.  Emma and I played the game Sorry and we had so much fun. She also brought the latest book she was reading and she read me a few pages and then explained what was going on in the story. At one point she started whistling and then grandpa started whistling and Aunt Renee started whistling. I thought, 'not fair' I don't know how to whistle. (I never did learn as a kid.) Emma said "Grandma can you whistle? No, Emma I don't know how.' She said,' I'll show you'.....and she puckered her lips and let out a big bird whistle and grandpa did the same. So here I am trying to do the same thing they did, over and over, but to no avail. At this point they were laughing so hard...especially Emma, that I started laughing. I said, Grandpa, where should I keep my tongue? (to try and whistle) and he said 'in your mouth.' Oh my goodness did they laugh then and Emma couldn't stop. She said 'grandma, I guess you better quit because it looks like you aren't going to get it.' Probably not, my sweetie girl, probably not.  :D


  1. That Mike. What a wise guy! :-)
    Loved the story of all the whistlers, and loved the photo of Emma sprawled on the couch!

  2. heheh that's an adorable story....

    so Deborah, what do you do if you don't "whistle while you work"? :)

  3. Good question...I sing and sometimes very loud. :D