Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Farm Pics

The bottom pic is the chickens who laid the beautiful eggs. The top is my grand-daughter Emma holding one of the new baby chicks who will one day  lay the beautiful eggs. Emma came and stayed with me one week this past summer. I took her to my friend's farm to visit because it is her favorite place to go when she comes to our house to stay. We love this farm with all of the wonderful critters. (especially the donkeys)  :D


  1. Good pictures girl. Thanks for sharing

  2. Darling photo of Emma with the chickens! And I like the various chickens in their little nests. I always love visiting the chickens at the county fair. Okay, Friend, you have to take me to the chicken farm!

  3. My friend, You can go with me any time. Maybe this spring after it dries up we will go for a visit. You will love it! You will also get to see beautiful Belgium horses. (that pull the sleighs) :)