Saturday, February 13, 2010

Card Fun

I made this card this morning using a photo my sister sent to me. She used the cardboard letters and crocheted flowers laid out on paper and took a photo without gluing anything down. I loved the looks of it so I created a card to send to my daughter.  The photos I posted, are the front of the card and the inside. It has a different look than the ones you actually put the embellishments on. Notice I put little colored pearls right in the center of each crochet flower in the photo card. I like making these cards especially for use as note cards. Hope you all have a very blessed weekend. :D


  1. Well now Ant Debbie...didn't that just turn out so cute. I will have to think of another message to send for you to make a card. Good job sister.The only difference now will be I glimmered my letters in the color "coffee shop".

  2. Very nice, Deb. You always make things so pretty. I like the pearl embellishments.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my Blog I will be adding that Pink Avon Powder Box to my Shop this week, thanks for the sweet comments. Hugs, Diane