Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Altered Tea Tin

I had a special order from the gal that runs our post office in town so I am posting the finished pics here. She had an old tea tin and asked if I could 'make it over' for her. She wanted to fill it with nuts and give it as a birthday present. The theme she wanted to go with was 'outdoors woodsy'. I told her I would give it a try. This is the finished result and when she seen it, she loved it. (phew, thankfully) I soaked off the old tag and made a new one out of scrapbook paper. I rubber stamped some off-white card stock with a pine bough design. I decided to do a little layering, so I rubber stamped some pine cones and cut them out with a little pair of scissors to get all the detail. When I first put them on the label I thought they needed more but could not pin point what it was. I put the tin on my shelf and went up to bed. When I woke up this morning, I knew just what it needed to look better...3 dimensional pine cones. You probably can't tell by the photo but I made 2 more pine cones, cut them out, and put them right on top of the first two, securing them with foam tape.The foam tape raises them up off the label so it looks 3D. I also used a sparkly glitter pen on the pine cone detail. I love to use this pen because it gives just a hint of glittery spark. Doing just those two things finished it off and I loved the look. What do have around your house that could potentially be someone's birthday gift? It is so much fun to alter objects that you would normally throw away.
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  1. That is lovely! My problem is that I can see usefulness in almost anything - But unlike you, I don't manage to make them pretty. :-(
    I think the things I conjure up wouldn't be welcomed by anyone having a birthday. BUT, I do hope to somehow use some old photos of Angie for her birthday gift, and I better hop to it, for her birthday is the 27th of this month!