Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visit with Mom

Today Mike and I went to town as I had a couple of appointments to go to. Between the 2 appointments, we had had some extra time so we went over and visited mom. Lynny came over for a few minutes and I gave her a card I had made. I also delivered her soap order that came from my very good friend who crafts beautiful, handmade soaps. She will be opening her own Etsy shop in March to sell her wares. (I will share her Etsy address here once she opens, so look for it.) We had a nice visit with mom while we drank coffee and ate some Trader Joe's chocolate mint cookies. Yum! (compliments of Lynny) Mom was telling us about the little Brownie troop that she helps with. Tonight is the meeting and they were going to make Valentine cards. I think she really likes volunteering her time and it sounded like the girls were always excited to come to the meetings and see what the craft would be. I remember when I was in Girl Scouts and I too loved going and having that time to make fun things with other girls. :)
Hope you all had a blessed day.
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  1. Well sister I have to say...I have known you my whole life and never knew you were a girl scout. Where was I when you were doing that. The things you find out when you reach 35. P.S. Great picture of you. Your teeth look great.

  2. Hmmmm...who is 35?? lol I don't know where you where during my Girl Scout years. I even went to Girl Scout camp. All the other girls mothers made them a lunch with good 'ole' soda pop as the drink. Mom sent me V-8 juice...V-8 juice to Girl Scout camp. :( To this day I can't stand V-8 juice. Now there is a memory I haven't thought about in a while. :) BTW, camp is also where I almost drowned, that is why today I don't especially like the water. (like going out on the ice in the winter like you do) :)

  3. I'm with ya, Deb, on that ice business. I think people are CRAZY to do that. (Sorry, Linda, I mean, of course, everyone else except you.) :-)
    Great photo of you, Deb. I agree with Linda.
    Well, I never got to Girl Scout camp, and I love V-8 juice.
    Thanks for the promo, Deb. What are friends for, if they can't advertise for ya. haha

  4. That is so kind of your Mom to help with the brownie troop. I am sure they just love it!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie