Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ghost Cat

Annie, it has been said is a 'one woman' cat. Others lovingly call her the ghost cat. Ghost cat because the minute anyone knocks on our door, she is up the stairs in a flash. If you were to go upstairs to find her, it would probably take you awhile and she would be found hiding under whatever she deemed a 'safe haven'. Sometimes all you see is a big lump under my bed spread. (as if that would qualify as 'really hiding' when everyone knows that the big lump is her.) Also she can be jealous, as cats go. If my husband decides to give me a hug and Ann is down stairs you should hear her whine and cry. Oh my goodness, what is up with that? If I pick her up and she is in the hug she is happy as can be.  She has taken over my scrapbook basket, as you can see from the photo. It used to hold my scrap paper but she would crawl in it and lay on top of everything. I decided to empty it out and put an old towel inside for her to lay on. Now when I am busy working on a project or I am on the computer (that is in my craft room) she crawls in and goes to sleep. It does seem that where ever I go there she is except when she is sleeping and even then she occasionally comes down to check on me. Well, the question would have to be  have I unleashed a monster or do I just own a spoiled cat with beautiful green eyes? I choose to believe the latter.  :D
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  1. Annie is a gorgeous cat!!! When I first saw the photo, though, I thought Annie's mama had snapped a photo while she was in her litter box! So glad you wrote and explained about your scrap box. These cat! I can't write when Lionel is downstairs or he hops right in front of my computer monitor and lies down. I have a 17 inch monitor and he pretty much hides the entire bottom half. Glad Annie has a nice box to lie in. :-)

  2. Ha ha! This is funny, because I was going to say the same thing! I kept thinking..."Why would she take a picture of her cat in the litter box?" She's very pretty! Reminds me of our first cat, when we lived in Dallas.